Day 1: Saturday, September 15 – NJ to Niagara Falls

Launch from Jersey

  • We’re on our way!
  • A woman we asked to take our launch photo turns out to be a professional photographer
  • A nice man paid for our parking sticker
  • Almost ran out of gas on I90
  • Were the only native English-speakers on the Maid of the Mist
  • Saw multiple full arch rainbows in Horseshoe Falls

Jersey Junction

So, we decided to talk to people along our journey about our home state, New Jersey. After viewing the Falls on the Maid of the Mist, we found our first prospects to talk to about Jersey and, surprise surprise, they’re from Jersey! They are an adorable young couple who spend their free time doing salsa dancing. Who knew?

Sue with Jersey Salsa Dancers


We made our way to the home of the original Buffalo chicken wings, the Anchor Bar. We bellied up to the bar for some beers and a bucket of Buffalo’s best. Here we met our new BFFs, Canadians Terri and Jodi.

Our Canadian BFFs

We asked them for their thoughts about New Jersey. “We think it’s dirty but so is Buffalo.” You gotta love it!


Local fare sampled: chicken spiedies, original Buffalo chicken wings (medium hot), Genny Cream Ale

Buffalo Wings


Car snacks consumed provided by friends: way too many chocolate covered nuts

Theme of the Day


Signing off,
T and L – Jersey Strong

8 thoughts on “Day 1: Saturday, September 15 – NJ to Niagara Falls

      1. Rand

        Was it good? I have very fond memories of Genny Cream from Colgate days (25 cent short drafts, sigh), but recent quaffs, even at Colgate, haven’t lived up to the memory.

  1. Terri Sayia

    Keep those posts coming T and L!!! Love the runs in to Jersey peeps and Jersey talk! Pump fisting you from here!!! You go girls

  2. Jane Collingwood

    “I have fallen and cant get up” not surprised after eating all those wings ~ we are still here, come see us, were just a ferry ride from Seattle to Vancouver Island.

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