Day 2: Sunday, September 16 – Niagara Falls to Erie, PA


  • Yoga with Rodney Yee in the room
  • Strolled along Canadian side of Niagara Falls; water is surprisingly blue-green
  • Visited Jamestown, NY, birthplace of America’s favorite redhead, Lucille Ball. Fun Facts: Lucille (as they refer to her in Jamestown) went to vaudeville shows with her grandfather in Jamestown which inspired her to pursue an acting career in NYC.

    Shopping for Lucy memorabilia

  • Outside the Desi and Lucy Museum in Jamestown, NY
  • Jamestown is an impeccably maintained small city but we were asked by a toothless young woman for a quarter. A quarter? Really?
  • Chautauqua and the Institute – utterly fascinating. Reminiscent of Ocean Grove, NJ and Oak Bluffs on Martha’s Vineyard. Utopian community from the late 1800’s. Seems to have stopped in time.


  • Concord grapes in Westfield, NY – home of juice king Dr. Welch

    Concord grapes for Welch’s!

  • Dinner at Pufferbelly Restaurant in Erie, PA – an old fire house converted to a fascinating eatery. Refreshing Railbender Ale & Presque Isle Pilsner, both by the Erie Brewing Company

Jersey Junction

Glenda with our waitress and bullseye jumping tarp

Today’s Jersey Junction is brought to you by Melissa our waitress, born, bred and still living in Erie PA. Melissa has never been to New Jersey but when we asked her what was the first thing she thought of about Jersey, she said “old school Italians”. Not the answer we expected but a good one!

So tomorrow we will head to the Little Italy of Erie, PA.



9 thoughts on “Day 2: Sunday, September 16 – Niagara Falls to Erie, PA

  1. Margie Peerce Fuerst

    I am going to live vicariously through you, so–did you say “Lucy I’m home?” or crush any grapes? Keep those posts coming you are my entertainment.

  2. stuff

    My favorite is the assembly line, with lucy and ethel eating the chocolates– which I was discussing with my fellow bean counters while slinging my hp12c and eating cafeteria food!! Easy ladies– it is day two and those wide load flashers are hard to find!@!!!

    Just kidding would love to join you, but I will be headed into the hurricane in SRQ on Wednesday!! Safe travels

  3. Karen Shafonda

    I am loving this blog, Glenda! It looks like you are maximizing the fun and you are only 3 days in. I love all the local references- keep them coming!

    1. Glenda Post author

      It is so much fun to chat up the local folks! And fun to recount our adventures in the blog! Glad you’re enjoying it.

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