Day 27: Thursday, October 11 – Vegas to Bryce Canyon, UT

  • It only rains 9 days a year in Las Vegas and today was one of those days.  Not just a few drops but buckets.  That meant flash flooding and rivers of one-foot water flowing through the streets.  As intrepid travelers we still made it to the Jiffy Lube for and oil change and fluid check.  Given the all clear we headed out.
  • Enroute to Bryce we encountered some massive stone mountains and were stunned by the dramatic colors of Red Rock Canyon in Dixie National Forest just before the entrance to Bryce.

Massive mountain

  • Once in Bryce we took in the NPS film, got a stamp (natch) and the lay of the land.  It might snow tomorrow which could make our hiking interesting.

Jersey Junction

None today.  Too much time in the car.

Theme of the Day: Rain, rain go away.

Up next: Explore Bryce

6 thoughts on “Day 27: Thursday, October 11 – Vegas to Bryce Canyon, UT

  1. Sophia

    T & L,
    Love the stories and and pictures! You still look energized and happy judging by the smiles on your photos.
    Roxanne Iwane was in BR yesterday and sends her greetings. We reminisced about the good old days, but also agreed that there’s life after. So thank you for the inspiration!

    1. Glenda

      I’m glad to hear Roxanne is a VZ survivor!!! Please send her my best. Also hi to Mark, Patty, et al! All still good here 🙂

  2. Greg

    You go you two! Liking the updates. Want to be humbled? Look up the Hoodoo 500. Someone who works for me competes in the solo category; 512 miles on a bike in 48 hours or less, no support, in and around Bryce, 30,000 feet in elevation change.

    I’ll take beer pong.

    1. Sue Post author

      Greg. We checked out some of the info on the Hoodoo 500.. No way we can even imagine. It’s so spikey and intense landscapes to tackle. Wow! That’s one crazy co-worker you have!!

    1. Glenda

      Red Rock Canyon was fantastic! Honestly, we’re running out of superlatives for what we’ve seen on this trip…

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