Day 28: Friday, Oct 12 – Bryce Canyon National Park

  • Let’s explore Bryce Canyon! We chose 2 hikes to try today to see the famous hoodoos (those fanciful red and orange spires you see in a lot of commercials). The first hike was 2.5 miles, down into the canyon and back. It was raining when we started, cleared a bit on the down path into the canyon, and snowed as we came back up. Still, pretty cold through it all. The hoodoos look like Magic Crystals; fantasy villages made of red-orange-pink sand drip castles.



Whose body part with our cairn???

  • The afternoon hike was along the rim of the canyon, way up to Inspiration Point, about 2 miles. The weather for this hike was clear and cold. All told, we took 177 pictures. Here they are, scroll away 🙂

Bryce Ampitheatre

We named this the Bryce Acropolis

Sue and the hoodoos

Sue with 2 bridges

Jersey Junction
Sue went to get coffee at the little breakfast shop and chatted up the girl behind the counter. Originally from Ohio, she spent 3 years at Northeastern U for nursing and left to become an organic farm worker (WOOFER). She is now working at Bryce – soon to go to Yellowstone –
and then she hopes to go to culinary school. But guess where her father’s parents are from? Toms River, NJ – a place she loves. She even said, “People should not judge New Jersey from TV”. We agree!
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3 thoughts on “Day 28: Friday, Oct 12 – Bryce Canyon National Park

  1. Anne Powers

    Great pics Sue….I’m looking forward to my trip to Bryce. What would you say are the highlights?

    1. Sue

      The hoodoos (rock spires) and the whole Bryce amphitheater were fantastic. The colors are gorgeous and the rocks are crazy twisty, beautiful. We actually had some rain and snow when we were there but it was still great. So if you get a decent day, you will love it. Heading to Moab tomorrow. If you get a chance to get down to Monument Valley in Navajo land..its also really something special to see. How much fun for Zak to be out here. Can;t wait to catch up with you when you are back too. What is Erin up to now??

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