Day 32: Tuesday, October 16 – Arches National Park and Moab, UT

  • Arches National Park and another stamp!!  Two stamps here for some reason–we don’t ask, just stamp away!!  We take in the movie at the visitors’ center to add to all our extensive knowledge regarding these rock formations here in Utah.  It has something to do with salt and the colors have something to do with iron.
  • The arches are all naturally formed from the rain, wind, heat and cold and water in general and they are so cool to look at.  They are rust/orange confections, sometimes swirling, sometimes jagged, sometimes smooth.

Landscape Arch

Delicate Arch

Hi Glenda!

Delicate Arch in the background

  • As with the other areas, many of the rock formations are named after their shape or what they look like.  Here are some pictures of rock formations with their names:

The Three Gossips

Balanced Rock



And here are some that we have named:

Mr. and Mrs. Gnome



  • Another great landscape, another great day, another day of laughs!!
Jersey Junction
None again today…We ran home to watch the debate and holed up in our lovely Ramada.

The debate

watching the debate

Theme of the Day: Landscapes – Political and Natural

Up Next: Hotchkiss, CO




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    Loving the Jersey Junction! Sometime please try Rhode Island. Last time I asked (quite awhile ago in NYC) it was thought to be somewhere in upstate New York.

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