Day 34: Thursday, October 18 – Hotchkiss, CO

  • OK, so another trip for Calamity Jane (aka Glenda) to the local clinic.  This time, a slip and fall and a possible sprain/break of the wrist.  Although the doctor was named something else, we harken back to Jackson and Dr. Blue.  So since all docs out here are colors, we refer to this one as Dr. Yellow.  Dr. Yellow took an x-ray, wasn’t sure if it was broken or sprained, but gave her a splint and icing and Advil instructions.

A visit to Dr. Yellow

  • But Glenda can still walk and trooper that she is, she was ready for a hike.  We had breakfast and watched as people came to pick the grapes at the B & B vineyard.


The vines

Jessica and Emily, the pickers

Action shot

  • We drove to the Black Canyon of the Gunnison in Gunnison National Park.  A stamp!!!!  And a hike to a view at the edge of the rim.

Black Canyon

  • Later we stopped by Glenda’s friend Dan’s house here in Hotchkiss where her other friends Chuck and Inken were visiting for a fishing weekend.  A beautiful, contemporary, NY architect designed-house sitting on 200 acres with the Gunnison River running through it.  Sue tried her hand at fishing with no success but Chuck reeled in a big one!!

Dan’s House

Inken and Glenda walking back from fishing


  • We had a raucous dinner party at some guy’s house where he has a brick pizza oven and makes pizza for one group only in a room in his house.  Dan and Eve brought all the snacks, beverages and side dishes and Joe the pizza guy made the pizzas fresh in his oven.  The beverages were flowing and we had a long discussion about shooting guns which Sue desperately wants to do but might be too scared to try.  Joe apparently has many firearms of all kinds to shoot all kinds of things.  Hmmmmmm.

Pizza Party

Glenda, Sue and Dan’s guest Teddy

Jersey Junction

Dan grew up in Red Bank, NJ a full-fledged Jersey Boy!!  His friend Eve, a Phille girl, spent her childhood summers at the Jersey Shore.

Eve and Dan – Jersey People

Theme of the day: Colorado Outdoor Life, Hikin’, Fishin’, Huntin’ (for a doctor)

Up next: Pueblo, CO

Not sure yet how to pronounce this state…Col o rahdo or Col o rado…like Nevada.  Anyone know???





4 thoughts on “Day 34: Thursday, October 18 – Hotchkiss, CO

  1. Margie peerce fuerst

    Glenda: What you will do to add some more color to your trip as if you didn’t have enough:). I hope your wrist is not broken. But it’s another story. …..

    1. Glenda

      And there are so many stories!!! The wrist is feeling better today so I’m keeping my fingers crossed (ok, I’m keeping my finger crossed – the pinkie is still healing from a previous slip and fall and had to be buddy taped to its neighbor and my index finger is still recovering from a nasty black fly bite and subsequent infection. Oy.)

  2. Eve Wildrick

    Really enjoying the blog. I try and read it every day.
    So glad to have met you both in Hotchkiss.

    1. Glenda

      It was so much fun to meet you!!! Our dinner at Joe’s was definitely a highlight. Hope you caught a bunch of fish and actually made something with all those lovely potatoes 🙂

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