Day 39: Tuesday, October 23 – Overland Park, KS

  • Oh No!!!  Technical failure!!  Right off the bat this morning, Glenda’s new camera (purchased on the road 2 weeks ago) broke.  A slit instead of an open lens.  Help!!!  So before we launch into the day’s activities, we stop to exchange the camera.
  • Nema and Bob take us to Independence, MO the home of the Harry S. Truman Home National Park Site and Truman library.  First we check out the local town and then off for a tour of the home (a very big stamp day here…stamps for the home, the farm, the various trails…woohooo).

Jackson Court house where Harry S. Truman starts his political career as a judge

an Independence Eatery

  • For the home tour we meet Ranger Mike, our guide.  Glenda, an aspiring park ranger, is secretly thrilled when Nema asks Ranger Mike to remove his hat to let Glenda try it on.  She needs to get a good feel for the uniform she may be wearing in her future employ.

Please note Glenda is already wearing the requisite green ranger pants

Here we are at Harry’s home

A few facts about Harry S. Truman:

-His middle name is only the initial S.  for both of his grandfathers

-He is the last president to not have attended college

-He was nominated as FDR’s VP to replace the previous VP and became VP in Jan ’45 and FDR died in April ’45 so he became our 33rd President.

-Moved back to Independence after his turn as President and lived there until his death.

-We stopped back in town for ice cream.  Sundae and shakes for all (Harry worked here as youth when it was a pharmacy).

In Independence…


  • We arrived at the Harry S. Truman Library. Take in the movie and go through the exhibits. This is a really well-organized museum. So much happened in Truman’s watch and he had so many big decisions to make. We took it all in. And then Glenda’s new working life re-emerged as a PR woman asked Glenda if she would pose for some still shots for a potential brochure and website. She’s back in front of the camera – all body parts were represented! Bob, Nema and Sue all barged in for their own stints at modeling. We think Nema will be picked as she played her role writing something out so very well.

Photo shoot – Glenda & Bob

More photography – Glenda & Sue

Harry and Glenda

  • We toured a bit of downtown KC and capped off the day with fabulous, true, KC barbecue at Oklahoma Joe’s – a BBQ joint in a gas station – rated #1for ribs in the country by some. Best BBQ we’ve ever had!

Gas and ribs, anyone?

Slab o’ ribs

Jersey Junction

In our quest to get Glenda a new camera, we met Zach, our Best Buy sales associate. He’s never been to New Jersey but revealed that the first thing that comes to mind when asked about our fair state is the basketball team. He was a NJ Nets fan because of Vince Carter and knew all about the recent move of the Nets to Brooklyn. He also made us smile when he told us he would NOT mention Jersey Shore in answer to our question. Good man!

Best Buy salesman and NJ Nets fan Zach

Theme of the Day: The buck stops in Independence, MO

Up Next: St. Louis, MO

8 thoughts on “Day 39: Tuesday, October 23 – Overland Park, KS

      1. JB

        Neither, it’s the artist. His name actually was Wilbert Harrison had the #1 Billboard hit in 1959, “Kansas City”

  1. Terri Sayia

    Kansas City. Good Lord….. Get home to New Jersey – Jersey Girls. Actually love the postings and been back on track…. to track your where abouts. This is a very special, one of a kind trip so enjoy. Drive on! Whine on! Opps I meant Wine and cheese on! Kansas home of the sunflower right? Ranger Glenda – I like it! Susan there may be a few parks you could work at too! – The lax park of Millburn Short Hills LOL

    Miss you but get back safety!

    Way to go Glenda and Susan!

    1. Sue Post author

      We are heading home soon!! Yes there are the moments of whining but thankfully, many more moments of wining. Ranger Glenda is looking forward to her career in green khaki pants and a dapper hat too!!

    1. Sue Post author

      Thanks Diane. We are sometimes on a roll and sometimes..not so much. But I think despite her arm set back, Ranger Glenda is in fine form and looking forward to many more days wearing the green pants!!!

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