Day 4: Tuesday, September 18 – Cleveland, OH to Marshall, MI

Seems like a hundred years ago we were in Niagara Falls…..

  • First day of rain..big rain.  Yoga with Rodney.

Ominous sky


  • Full breakfast and on the road, Rte 80/90 toward Indiana and Michigan.  Listening to new CDs purchased at the R&RHOF: American Roots music.  blues/bluegrass/country/gospel/cajun/zydeco etc etc.  We belted out along especially with the gospel favorite Ezekial Saw the Wheel and Dry Bones.
  • Rain rain off and on and an autumn chill in the air, we arrived at the National House Inn, Marshall MI – adorable B&B.

  • Self-guided walking tour of Marshall and its historical late 1800’s houses and buildings.
  • Cocktail hour/dinner at the Dark Horse Brewery–cool–the regulars have their own personal mugs hanging from the ceiling for their use.  Delicious micro brewery hand-crafted beers and good Michigan company to boot.


  • Met Thomas a local retired and then re-employed tail pipe maker.


Jersey Junction

After arriving at the National House Inn, we went into the dining room for tea and cookies.  In walked a couple asking “who went to Tufts?”.  Judy, class of ’71, and her husband Jack from Illinois are touring around Michigan too.  How funny to run into a fellow Jumbo in the midwest!  Jersey Junction?? Judy lived in Lincoln Park, NJ working for an insurance company after graduating Tufts.  Go Jersey!!  Go you Jumbos!!

Sue, Jack and Jumbo Judy


Theme of the Day

Small town America

Next Up: Glen Arbor/Sleeping Bear Dunes, Michigan

4 thoughts on “Day 4: Tuesday, September 18 – Cleveland, OH to Marshall, MI

  1. Margie Peerce Fuerst

    Jumbos rule–there’s an article in the NY Times today about the real Jumbo and how he was killed in a train accident.

  2. Sue Post author

    Oh I will check that out. I remember the Jumbo story..wasn’t he saving Tom Thumb or someone from getting run over by the train!!

    Go Jumbo!!

  3. Mom G

    Gray weekend here in Little Rhody so nothing could be better than more time with Thelma and Louise On the Road! Hilarious! Illustrated! Even Painlessly Informative! And, Jersey Rules! As expected from these two trippers, laughs around every corner. Only thing missing is a flash back to Jersey Big Hair. Maybe there will be a salon along the way? Can’t wait for next installment…

    1. Sue Post author

      Hair!! How could we forget such an important Jersey feature? We are on it!! Will report back asap!!!

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