Day 5: Wednesday, September 19 – Marshall, MI to Glen Arbor, MI / Sleeping Bear Dunes

  • Morning walk along the Kalamazoo-zoo-zoo River.

  • Waved good-bye to Jumbo Judy and hit the road for the 4 hour trek to Michigan’s North Country.
  • The Beatles and “Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me” accompanied us on the ride.
  • The afternoon at Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore was all about the views of the turquoise Lake Michigan and the amazing sand dunes.  This ain’t no Detroit!!  More like the Caribbean meets Lawrence of Arabia!


Jersey Junction
Today, Patty the National Park Service (NPS) Ranger, posted at the entrance to Pierce Stocking Scenic Drive, takes her job seriously scrutinizing Glenda’s park pass and ID.  Seeing a Jersey driver’s license she revealed that she too had been a Jersey Girl.  She was posted at Jockey Hollow in Morristown and lived in Livingston for a couple of years.  NPS Rangers in Jersey??  What???

Patty’s booth sans Patty

We also met a newlywed couple from Michigan at a scenic overlook.  The bride was adorable, gushing and keen to show us her i-phone wedding pics.  The groom didn’t speak.  Sound familiar anyone?  Their neighbors from NJ are watching their house.  See?  Jersey people can be helpful and responsible too!!!
Theme of the Day:

Shadows in sand


6 thoughts on “Day 5: Wednesday, September 19 – Marshall, MI to Glen Arbor, MI / Sleeping Bear Dunes

    1. Sue Post author

      Shockingly no he didn’t even have a book or ipad or cellphone. Just no words. But we are in the nice midwest so maybe we think he had laryngitis!

  1. Lee

    Love the journey! Great pics. Did you indulge in all things cherry in Sleeping Bear Dunes? Cannot believe the Jockey Hollow connection!!
    Glenda I mailed back your Duane Reade discount card and had a disagreement with the postal clerk over your zip code. I lost!!
    I am trying to decide my favorite I Love Lucy episode. Didn’t they all take a cross country trip and sing ‘California Here We Come’?

    1. Glenda

      Def had the everything cherry outing (see today’s post). Loved it. I don’t have a Duane Reade discount card so will mail it back to you from 07086 when I return. Sue clearly remembers the Ricardo-Mertz cross country trip and has been singing ‘California Here We Come’ in anticipation of our arrival.

  2. Gerry Male

    Finally getting to read the blog and loving it!! The pictures are great. You are seeing some beautiful places. You both look mah-ve-lous!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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