Day 9: Sunday, September 23 – Madison, WI to Fairmont, MN

  • Started with excellent bagels, just like home!
  • We deflated the bed

unplanned matchy matchy…

  • First stop, La Crosse, Wisconsin which took its name from the Indian game.
  • Headed from there to view the World’s Largest 6-Pack, so big that the beer would provide one person a 6-pack a day for 3,351 years! (Steve – take note for potential icon for new Gansett RI brewery).  We were sorry it was Sunday and there were no brewery tours. Amazingly, we weren’t the only disappointed tour seekers (there were actually others traveling to the giant 6-pack, camera in hand).

Lots o’ beer from City Brewery

  • Our final stop in La Crosse was Grandad’s Bluff for a great view of the 3 rivers, 2 of which we don’t know! But the big one was the Mississippi. Standing in La Crosse, WI we looked across the rivers at Iowa and Minnesota.

Mississippi and 2 unknown rivers (you can look it up)

  • Onward via I90 West – cheese curds snacks cooled by our very “cool” Coleman car plug-in fridge. Corn, corn, soybeans, soybeans, flatness, more corn. Beautiful.

Sunset on I90 West

  • Arrived at Blue Earth, Minnesota to take in the glory that was the 55 foot tall Jolly Green Giant. Enough said.

Sue as JGG

Jolly Green Giant
  • Stop for the night in Fairmont, Minnesota Hampton Inn. We learn that 4 other guests are on cross-country trips. Wow.
Jersey Junction
Our waitress at the new, locally-owned, Bean Town Grill has never been east of Wisconsin. When asked about NJ, she came up with 2 thoughts. 1. Good Will Hunting. Does that have anything to do with Jersey? 2. She recalled an acquaintance she met while living in Arizona. From somewhere in NJ that began with N-e-w-… New Providence? New Brunswick? New Vernon? Further questioning revealed the person to be somewhat troubled, possibly drug-addled, and possibly a former gang member. Newark, we asked? A tough town? That’s it!!! Did he have an accent, we asked? Oh yes, she replied, saying it just like she was Marge of the movie “Fargo”. Cory Booker – there’s a little more work to do! There is, though, a good ending, complete with reform and redemption for her friend.
Theme of the Day: Vegetables
Up Next: Badlands, South Dakota

7 thoughts on “Day 9: Sunday, September 23 – Madison, WI to Fairmont, MN

  1. Mary

    Oh, so many things that make me smile from this one – matchy matchy, deflated mattress, flatness and crops as far as the eye can see and last ,but certainly not least, the JGG!!! Good times!

  2. Laura

    Love the mattress shot haha! Also – Good Will Hunting?!? Come onnnn! Not even close!

    Also, I’m trying to figure out just how big that six pack is – like how tall was that sign?

  3. Margie Peerce Fuerst

    You two keep me laughing every time I pull up the blog–you really can’t be making this stuff up–and you have the pictures to prove that you’re not.

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