Day 11: Tuesday, September 25 – still in the Badlands

  • Very happy with our accommodations.  Followed the lead of a local Indian woman who suggested a hike-the Notch-ladder and all to a great view. So we did it.  Glenda brought her mega binoculars which proved to be useful later.

home sweet home

intrepid hikers

photo taken with a wide angle lens?


  • Glenda made me do it.  So queer…we had to go to the ranger station and get our National Parks Passports stamped with the date and the official park stamp.  Cringe factor: off the charts for this sophisticated Jersey girl 🙂  See the picture below. Does anyone recognize the body part from: Royal Pains, Blue Bloods, Pan Am or Law and Order SVU??

Hint: this body part is a member of SAG and AFTRA


Glenda, uncontrollably laughing while preparing to stamp

  • Since we conquered the first hike so easily we decided to go for the big girl hike “Medicine Root Loop”.  This was where we encountered Big Horn Sheep (which, frankly, look more like goats if you ask me..but then again I am not the best on animal identification).  Fortunately girl scout Glenda had the mega binoculars at the ready because I was sure they were a pack of hikers all dressed alike on some kind guided tour/hike.  When she zoomed in..surprise!!!  a herd of animals!!

little ones

back end

  • Having been overcome by too much nature, we had a hankering for a tacky tourist opportunity.  On we went to Wall, SD home of Wall Drug-renowned worldwide apparently for offering free ice water and five cent coffee to all comers.

home of SD kitsch

  • On the way to Wall here is who we met: ..who knew these prairie dogs squeak just like fresh Wisconsin cheese curds??

Priscilla the Prairie Dog


Jersey Junction

Another resolute failure on the Jersey front.  Honey, there are just no people out here!!

Theme of the Day: A walk in the park (not like any park we have back at home)


Next up: Mount Rushmore, Custer, SD



9 thoughts on “Day 11: Tuesday, September 25 – still in the Badlands

  1. Anne Powers

    Beautiful pics, Sue! I remember Badlands as looking what I think the moon would look like. Zak went there on his way out. I am living vicariously through your photos!

  2. Terri Sayia

    Day 11 – really? Seems like you have been gone aLOT longer than that. Glad to see you and Glenda conquering all things big and beautiful. Love the pictures of the animals. So graceful the herd……5 cent coffee. Now value man Frank should be loving that! Safe travels and happy trails.


  3. Karen Shafonda

    Glenda, I am LOVING your pictures of the scenery, animals and dorky sculptures! And you are looking quite fashionable through it all- who would expect anything less! Enjoy!!

  4. Tinker

    Hey Girls, Wow, why didn’t I jump in the trunk of your car??? Just getting to your blog, it is fantastic. Every girls dream. Go for it, on behalf of all of us! Loved having you here in Grand Rapids. Perfect guests! I’ll fill you in on Artprize soon. Everyone is talking about this one:
    We missed it! It was in the UICA building. I think the hollywood lights of WOOD TV were calling us. Oh, priorities. That probably seems like a year ago, yes? Safe and happy travels. Tink

    1. Glenda

      Hello from Custer, SD. Glad you checked in – we were wondering about ArtPrize (which does seem like last year!). The video is amazing – I’m sure we would have voted for it (if Sue were able to get past her bird aversion). Please do keep us posted as we need to entertain ourselves on these long stretches of highway.

      Have been thinking about wildlife art since we have seen buffalo and friends up close and personal. Looking forward to visiting Hiram’s home when we’re back east.

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