Day 15: Saturday, September 29 – Yellowstone National Park

  • Morning: geyser trail. Saw Old Faithful erupt, then got our 5th park stamp. Woot, woot! Headed out on a boardwalk trail passing many different geysers,hot springs, pools and other thermal features. The earth is bubbling, burbling, boiling, belching, spitting, spouting, spritzing, and steaming. We learned that you have to stay on the boardwalk because you can fall into these thermal pits and boil to death! The geysers fill up, roar, bubble, spout and then drain. The pools are multi-colored with vibrant blues, oranges, greens and yellows. Some are mud pits with boiling mud baths and some are dry steam vents that vented like the NYC subway.

Old Faithful

Bacteria Mat (this is what it really said on the sign)

Mud Pots

  • After a picnic lunch, we viewed the Yellowstone canyon and falls. The Lower Falls are apparently twice as high, but much narrower than, Niagara. The canyon was impressive, huge and yellow.

The Lower Falls

Yellow stone in Yellowstone (actually, it’s gray stone with mineral deposits on it)

Us with yellow stone


  • Finally, on our way back to the lodge, we drove through the river valley part of Yellowstone. This meant more animal sightings. We saw the now mundane bison and a couple of new animals: wolf and fox. We looked desperately for a bear but no success yet – maybe tomorrow. Saw the elk and his harem again, too.





Jersey Junction

So we saw a Jersey car parked next to us at breakfast this morning. It was packed to the gills with all kinds of stuff, in every seat, in every crevice of the car. Plus, there was a box on the top and one on the back bumper. We went over to investigate, thinking this might be our junction. But when we looked closer, we saw the top of a guy’s head peaking out from under stuff, still asleep. We screamed and ran away. Hmmm – maybe not the time to talk about Jersey.


Theme of the Day: The 5 Senses

We saw the vibrant colored pools, heard the gurgling geysers, felt the steam give us facials, smelled the rotten-egg smell of sulphur from the geysers, and tasted elk meat. All good.

Up Next: Jackson, WY

6 thoughts on “Day 15: Saturday, September 29 – Yellowstone National Park

  1. Margie Peerce Fuerst

    The guy sleeping in the car heard that Thelma and Louise were nearby, so he was waiting…. Great pictures.

  2. Weezy w

    Thelma & Louise – Glad y’all were awed by Yellowstone! Sheron shared your blog with me last week and I have enjoyed your musings each day. Your trip sounds fabulous and y’all are hysterical – can’t imagine all the fun you all are having! Very creative ladies!!
    ROCK ON!!!

  3. Peggy Woods

    Thelma & Louise – I have loved reading your hilarious (and informative) posts and enjoying your great pictures! Can’t imagine al the fun y’all are having! Will continue to enjoy your musings each day. ROCK ON Jersey girls!

    1. Sue

      Hi Peggy!! Thanks for checking in. I think you recommended the Snow Lodge in Yellowstone. It was great. Thanks! Onward we go 🙂

  4. Gerry Male

    Yellowstone is an interesting place….a lot happening. I never did see a bear but plenty of bison, elk and a moose 🙂

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