Day 16: Sunday, September 30 – Yellowstone to Jackson, WY

  • This morning started off with a visit to the ranger first aid clinic.  It seems that Glenda was bitten by bugs/spiders while sitting at the desk in our hotel room.  What??  The medical professional on duty prescribed benadryl, ice and the usual.  OK, that is done.
  • Worked our way out of Yellowstone toward Jackson, Wyoming and the Grand Teton National Park (yes..wait for it….another STAMP!!).  Glenda mentioned that the translation of the Grand Tetons is Big Tits so we will, of course, refer to it from now on as the B.T.  Before exiting Yellowstone we had time for one more loop around the geysers and other hydro thermal features and one last facial at Thumb Geyser Basin.

  • We hit the B.T. only 5 miles or so south of Yellowstone yet the landscape already looked different.  More fall foliage, dramatic mountains (B.T.’s) springing up from the lake.

  • Hit Jackson proper (population about 1800) and looked for a hotel.  Found this leather chair, buffalo, manly-cigar-type of fancy hotel that had a room with 2 giant king beds.  So here we are.  Headed back out in search of moose.  Sorry to say, no moose yet but more incredible bison herd sightings.  Beautiful dusk lighting too!

Jersey Junction

It seemed like again there would be no Jersey connection but we finally met a fellow restaurant patron dining at the bar next to us.  Terry lives in Vermont, has lived on Montana and other places.  Terry worked hard to come up with his Jersey experience bypassing, thankfully, his several times on I-95 in refinery world, and landing on a bike race he competed in through Harriman State Park and the Palisades.  He mentioned a beautiful view of NY and the Hudson and had a pleasant memory of it all.  Yes, a pleasant Jersey experience!  We rest our case.

Theme of the Day:  Gorgeous scenery

Up next: Jackson again and the search for a moose sighting!!

4 thoughts on “Day 16: Sunday, September 30 – Yellowstone to Jackson, WY

  1. Missy

    I don’t know, but looking at Terry and you two (especially Sue with the thumbs up), I’m flashing back to Thelma and Louise and Brad Pitt (lol). Watch your roll of cash! 🙂

    1. Sue Post author

      Hey Anne: Which stomping grounds?? It is really beautiful out here. At this point it does look like we will make it to Moab. Looking forward to it. And maybe we’ll run into Zak!

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