Day 17: Monday, October 1 – Jackson, WY

  • By some miracle this morning we actually were up and in the car by 7am–shocking–we know.  But we were determined to have a moose sighting.  Armed with directions to moose territory given to us by our waitress, we aimed for sunrise moose viewing. At first no luck but we drove further into the B.T. Park and encountered a bear.  So adorable.  Then further on we hit the jackpot with a moose and her baby (just missed her husband, Bullwinkle).
  • On our way back we looked for Mr. Beaver and couldn’t find him but we found his handiwork and his friend.

  • Back into Jackson for a walk about Town Square and some shopping.


Sue and Glenda getting into the western theme!!

Sue’s mom and her friend getting into the western theme circa 1953!!

Jersey Junction

In our shopping, we met a store clerk who was born and raised in Clifton, NJ then Pompton Lakes, NJ.  She married and moved to Lynbrook, Long Island and then decided to bolt to the far west in 1970 with her 2 kids and a sawed off shotgun in tow.  She left her Harley dealer hubby to follow and set up their new life 15 miles outside of Jackson.  She now shows no signs of her former Jersey or LI life…not even an accent is left.

We also met a very friendly store clerk originally from Minnesota with a good friend here in Jackson, an artist, from Maplewood, NJ….a close enough junction.


Theme of the Day: Photo Safari

Up Next: Salt Lake City and Sue’s friend Nancy!!  wooo hooooo!!

10 thoughts on “Day 17: Monday, October 1 – Jackson, WY

  1. Margie Peerce Fuerst

    I have to say that the wildlife you are seeing is much better than what we see in Brooklyn–a few squirrels, pigeons or other four legged creatures is the best we can hope for–or even in East Hampton-deer, fox or turkey. Your daily sightings are more than we see if a year–keep them coming ladies.

  2. Mary

    A moose sighting – finally!!! I’m impressed with the shots of the bear too… not sure I would call it adorable tho. Love following your adventures.

    1. Glenda Post author

      We will admit that we were somewhat animal obsessed the last few days. We’re now heading to Utah so will likely put our laser focus on Joseph Smith, Brigham Young, and golden plates.

  3. Lee

    Moose and bear on the same day!! Impressive! Glenda, I hope you regaled Sue with all kinds of beaver facts that you learned in the IMAX theater at the Museum of Natural History! One tree a day!!

    1. Glenda Post author

      Hmmm – thought I replied but don’t see my comments. Rest assured that I regaled Sue with as many beaver facts as my brain could remember!

    1. Glenda Post author

      I think we’ve safely moved out of bear territory for a while. We’re now headed for “the loneliest road in America” – that sounds pretty scary to us!!!

  4. Melissa

    Belle….Pete and I are in Firenze also eating our way around…however, much better than wheat thins and PB & J…. how are the pants feeling????
    I love the photos…looks just like Sun Valley….you should shoot up there for a spell…I have contacts you know….there are Jersey people there too.

    1. Sue

      Ciao Sister!! So good to hear from you!! The pants have expanded..I have inserted the waist expanders now in anticipation of some good fried food eating to come!!! Ahhhhhh America!!!! Your old stomping ground looks beautiful. The wild west has been a great..on to the scary lonely road of Nevada.

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