Day 18: Tuesday, October 2 – Jackson, WY to Salt Lake City, UT

  • Started off the day with a visit to the Jackson Emerg-a-Care clinic to treat what turned out to be Glenda’s infected, black fly-bitten, index finger. Ick!
  • Medical issue taken care of we hit the road south to the SLC home of Nancy and George Janes, Sue’s buds from Short Hills. We drove through 3 states and an ever-changing landscape; tiny towns with a whole lot of nothing in between. This ride made us really see so many different colors everywhere. Here they are:


blue and peach










Jersey Junction

Yay! A self-evident Junction; we stayed with transplanted Jersey people. Had a great dinner, discussed Mormon Utah, and learned that the Mormon caffeine ban does not apply to Coca-Cola because it is a cold beverage and the ban seems to be on warm drinks only. Whatever. Nancy and George love it here and they are now confirmed Utahns (yes, that’s the term). Many thanks to them for a great stay.

Theme of the Day: Colors – all along the way, starting with a visit to Dr. Blue (really, that was his name :))

Up Next: Eureka, Nevada

1 thought on “Day 18: Tuesday, October 2 – Jackson, WY to Salt Lake City, UT

  1. Mom G

    A kick to see the circa 1953 photo! Can’t believe all the stuff you are getting in the blog. Is next stop Cahleeefornia? (Arnold chatting about his new book on the tube reminds me). Oregon? Washington? Friend in Joisey once talked about visitors from Europe referring to “Seeeeetlwash.” Which she finally figured out was Seattle!

    Carry on with the great animal stuff! Esp liked the bugling elk and the sistahs. Not sure what the bull’s points are but pretty sure they weren’t awarded for good behavior.


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