Day 19: Wednesday, October 3 – Salt Lake City UT to Eureka, NV

  • Great accommodations at the Janes Inn.  As usual, we took the full 3 hours to organize ourselves for departure.  Nancy left for work, came back – surprise we were still there!  She was unphased, gracious and perhaps a little worried that we would never leave 🙂
  • Hit the road– the back roads, in fact, ultimately America’s loneliest road: Rte 50 to Eureka Nevada.  First we crossed Utah and the great expanse of Salt Lake and these weird salt/mud flats.  Once in Nevada, the loneliest road pretty much describes it.  About 200 miles with only 3 towns in the whole stretch.  Again, a whole lot of nothin’ in between.  Coming from Mormon Utah and entering the “anything goes” Nevada (we were corrected in the welcome center as to the correct pronunciation..that’s Ne-va-da not Ne-vah-da. OK!!) was quite the contrast.  From no caffeine, booze, smoking, gambling, etc to prostitution, smokin’, drinkin’ and gambling everywhere – even the gas stations.  Wow!!  Pictures from the road: 

Morton Salt Factory, UT

Really Big Tires!!. UT

Strange Ball Statue, UT

Along the road , NV

Pony Express Stop, NV

Along America’s Loneliest Road


  • Arrived in Eureka, crossed to the Pacific time zone here and crossed into another world as well.  Pretty sure this is the most remote place we will stay in.  We are in the Best Western here and our fellow travelers and fellow diners at the one local eatery are quite the sight.  Here is who we saw: mine-working, dusty, steel toe boot clad, giant mountain men; a pair of older toupee-wearing gay motorcycle men; a gray-haired local couple holding holding hands and saying grace before dinner; a table of Mexican workers; a possible Euro tourist with fancy shoes; a hipster with a cap, weird rubber shoes and a most unusual pair of pants that we swear would fit in at Williamsburg, Brooklyn now; a pair of men who seemed to be on some sort of business trip…what business there might be for them around here we haven’t a clue;  a couple of local men wearing both belts and suspenders.  All in all, a whole new world here.



Jersey Junction

We have driven some 4,000 miles away from Jersey only to find ourselves in the Newark Valley.  Somewhere in between Ely, NV and Eureka, NV lies, yes, Newark.  Here’s a picture.  Does anything look familiar?  Can you see the Rock in the distance?



Theme of the Day: Empty spaces

Up next: Tahoe, perhaps.


p.s. We forgot to mention when we were in Wyoming that Wyoming is the largest producer of bentonite in the world.  Bentonite is the major ingredient in cat litter.  We left the cat litter capital of the world behind.  Just sayin’.

p.p.s. Glenda had Tater Tots for dinner 🙂


4 thoughts on “Day 19: Wednesday, October 3 – Salt Lake City UT to Eureka, NV

  1. Geralyn

    Wow, didn’t visit for a few days and I see I have a lot of catching up to do. You guys are just tearing through the country and having a great time by the looks of it. Be well, Geralyn

    1. Sue Post author

      I know Margie…we thought of it but we were too scared to approach the mountain men and it pretty much stayed the same or went down hill from there. They were all quite interesting!! Thanks for commenting on the blog…we love it…keeps us focused and laughing. Keep up the good work!!

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